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Discover Barsukov's work
"On the Nature of Reality," originally published in Nature Physics , has been used by University of British Columbia in their ENGL 112 course.
After leaving his ball and chain at the workplace, Yaroslav Barsukov goes on to write stories that deal with things he himself, thankfully, doesn’t have to deal with.
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The Tower in Owenbeg
...behind it, there was something vast, something dark, a stretch of an evening sky pasted onto midday. To say the tower was colossal was to compare a volcano to a matchstick: it was a mountain’s trunk, freed from the foothills, and the scattering of villages in its shadow could’ve been cardboard toys.

Dramatis Personae

Shea Ashcroft

Former Minister
Intendant to Owenbeg

Lena I

Lena II


The Tower's Chief Engineer

Riots in the Capital

Queen Daelyn built a tower,
Took gold from every man,
Breast milk from every mother.
Queen Daelyn sent her servant—
To oversee the deed…
…the servant wasn’t smart enough—
And he got promptly {killed?...}