Tower of Mud and Straw

Tower of Mud and Straw (finalist for the 2020 Nebula Award)

Originally serialized in Metaphorosis Magazine in 2020.

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Published Stories

"The Last Radio God"

Originally published in Grimdark Magazine Issue 33, January 2023.

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"Where the Lilacs Do Not Bloom"

Originally published in Grantville Gazette Volume 86, November 2019.

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"The Blue Room, Said the Wishmaker"

Originally published in Grantville Gazette Volume 85, September 2019.

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"There’s Sometimes Light Down the Street"

Originally appeared in StarShipSofa No 594, June 2019.

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"Memory Is a Rumor"

Originally published in Metaphorosis, January 2018.

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"Your Grief Is Important to Us"

Originally published in Galaxy's Edge Issue 25, March 2017.

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"On the Nature of Reality"

Originally published in Nature Physics, November 2015.

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"The Road to Babel"

Originally published in The Sockdolager, Summer 2015.

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Narrated Stories

"Copy Cat" by K. A. Teryna and Alex Shvartsman 

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