"On the Nature of Reality," originally published in Nature Physics, has been used by University of British Columbia in their ENGL 112 course:

https: // www.coursehero.com / file / 35797706 / engl-112-Portfolio-Options-Fall-2018-1pdf /


Praise for "Memory Is a Rumor"

Maria Haskins: "Barsukov tells the story without any big flashy gestures, using carefully crafted prose that made this story sink deep into my heart."

The piece was a 'Featured Story' on Curious Fictions in December, 2018.


Praise for "Your Grief Is Important to Us"

Rebecca DeVendra: "This is probably the most surprising story in the issue and proves that Barsukov is a newer author to watch."

Sam Tomaino: "Amusing in that teeth-grating way!"


What Readers Say About "The Blue Room, Said the Wishmaker," "Where Lilacs Do Not Bloom," and "Memory Is a Rumor"

"My favorites were The Blue Room, Said the Wishmaker (Barsukov) and The Ghost He Knew Best (Sands)."

"My favorite fiction selections were Broken Strings (Waters and Crawford), A Puritan Voice (Lockwood), Requiem (Carrico), and Where Lilacs Do Not Bloom (Barsukov)."

"Excellent story. I would read more stories by this person. Such a strong writer."


"On the Nature of Reality" has landed, inexplicably, on Lady Business's Short Fiction Favorites list:

https: // ladybusiness.dreamwidth.org / 2016 / 03 / 15 / short-business-short-fiction-favorites-of-october-2015-december-2015.html

Additionally, people seem to be using it in research work:

http: // pages.erau.edu / ~andrewsa / sci_fi_projects_fall_2016 / Project_3 / Balogun_Teslim / balogunteslim_52700_10252151_hu_338_hitchhiker's_essay.html / hu_338_hitchhiker's_essay.html


"Your Grief Is Important to Us," "Memory Is a Rumor," "There's Sometimes Light Down the Street," and "The Blue Room, Said the Wishmaker" have all landed on their respective years' Nebula Reading Lists:

https: // www.sfwa.org / forum / reading / work / 2895-your-grief-is-important-to-us /

https: // www.sfwa.org / forum / reading / work / 3559-memory-is-a-rumor /

https: // www.sfwa.org / forum / reading / work / 4089-theres-sometimes-light-down-the-street /

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